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A brand that is integrated into Hanwha’s network products, iPOLiS stands for a convenient world (Polis) made safe (Police) through Hanwha’s supe-rior network performance (Internet Protocol). With iPOLiS products’ clear digital images transmitted over the Internet, real-time monitoring is possible anywhere with an Internet connection. Easy remote control functions and the use of existing networks minimize installation costs.

With iPOLiS, experience a world of convenience connected anytime, anywhere.

Core Technologies

High resolution images allow to catch the details clear so that the application place such as banks may need a network camera that supports megapixel resolution. However, transmitting megapixel images require considerable network bandwidth. With iPOLiS, users have a range of selection list for the network cameras which fit users' need and network environment.

Hanwha WiseNetII network cameras provide max. 3Megapixel (2048 x 1536) resolutions. Higher resolution images allow to catch details clear so that the application place such as banks where need high surveillance may need network cameras supports megapixel resolution. (WiseNet network camera line-up supports max. 1.3Megapixel pixel resolutions.)

Network video surveillance products have built in intelligent video analytic functions including Motion Detection, People Counting, and Object Tracking. These functions help users to manage the videos in more convenient and effective ways. Users can quickly search Recorded footage bu specific events, such as and optical trip-wire activation, without having to review hours of video.